1st Month Baby Shower Celebration of Claudia | Singapore Birthday Party and Children Photographer

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We had a wonderful experience covering a 1st month celebration recently. It was not exactly a birthday party but a baby shower which we also enjoying photographing. This special, special day was filled with love as families and close friends gathered to offer their best wishes to little Claudia. Actually, it was not the first time we have met Claudia’s mummy. The first time was at Isaiah’s first birthday party at Eat Play Love Cafe, so we felt extra privileged to be covering Claudia’s happy occasion. Above is a highlights video and some selected shots documenting this very special day.

Photography | Truphotos


Beautiful balloons to match the colour theme of the day.
Specially made, cute yummy cupcakes.
The star of the day was none other than this pretty little baby!
She looked so small and cuddly as she slept soundly, totally oblivious to her surroundings…
Angelic sleeping face…
Matched with the cutest little hands and fingers…
Everyone couldn’t help but smile when they took a peek at our little princess.
Claudia flashed us her attractive big round eyes after awaking from her nap.

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