Microstock photography – 1000 images milestone

I finally managed to reach 1000 submitted images on most of my online portfolios such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime, BigStockPhoto, CanStockPhoto, and 123RF. It has been quite a journey ever since I joined microstock. Microstock has also provided me with many opportunities to learn from my mistakes and to improve on various aspects of my photography, as you will be able to see the response of the market from your downloaded, or “undownloaded” images.

The next milestone that I have set for myself shall be 2000 submitted images.

Microstock is a numbers game so it generally means that the more images you submit, the better results you will get. But of course, I can’t possibly compare myself to the king of microstock, Yuri Arcurs, who has more than 25,000 images online at Dreamstime at the point of writing this blog post. Although microstock earns you “micro” earnings for each image as compared to traditional stock images, never underestimate it as it can go a long way. It is merely a different business model and aims to make up for the lower profit per image through selling a higher volume of images.

However, uploading a large number of mediocre images will get you nowhere either in the long run. For a start, the composition of images might not play a big part but ultimately, it is the difference between a sale and getting nothing. At the beginning of your microstock venture, you might want to focus more on the technical requirements of microstock such as image noise and shadows, but as you go further, pay more attention to creating images with better quality and composition.

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