Nikon concept model cameras

These images were taken at the Nikon Sapporo showroom and Nikon Nagoya service centre in Japan. They seem to be concept models rather than new products to be released.

The first image was taken from DC Home forum, a Chinese site. It seems that this could be Nikon’s new interchangeable lens mirrorless system. The lens attached looks like a 18-55mm lens so this highly suggests that the sensor size could be APS-C. It will be big news if the sensor size is the same as the DX format. Does this mean that Nikon may do away with DX, or will this camera target another segment of the market?

The next 2 images were taken from BurnerImages, a Japanese blog. The first image looks like a high end DSLR concept model and has a piano black shiny finish to the body. The second image looks similar to a DSLR camera but the design is simpler and the LCD screen on the top is much smaller than any DSLR camera than Nikon presently has in its lineup. Click here for more images.

There are some words printed on a display board placed near the models which says “These are all proposed models from Nikon’s design department, and are concept designs that are a result of consideration for future cameras”. The last line says, “We do not have plans to commercialise these cameras”. If that’s true, then what’s the point of displaying these models?

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