Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

An in-depth article written to explain the reasons why photographers cannot work for free. This is in response to the commonly seen situation where photographers are regularly approached, not for work, but for free images.

Summarised into the following points:

  1. If images are given out for free, photographers will not be able to make a living.
  2. The issue of “budget constraints” pleas from clients are hard to fathom. Ever tried asking for discounts on your electricity or utility bills?
  3. Receiving a “credit” in the form of a link or watermark don’t mean much. “Credits” don’t pay bills.


Here is another insightful but short article on how much it costs to create one image. Easily in the thousands. That is why serious photographers do not give out their images for free as they need to cover costs of running their business.

If photographers are thought to be expensive, think again. Or refer to an earlier post about why wedding photographers are expensive.

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