Elias’ 1st Birthday Celebration with a Dr Seuss Theme Party | Singapore Birthday Party and Children Photography

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It was a great pleasure covering Elias’ 1st birthday party. Being the first baby of a close friend of mine, this was extra special. And to top it off, Elias was just too cute for words. And he really knows how to make hearts flutter with that sheepish, kiddy smile of his!

The theme this time was Dr Seuss, and the party room was decorated with the theme banner, balloon bouquet, Dr Seuss cupcakes and cake pops.

I am not too sure where you can find Dr Seuss themed party accessories anywhere in Singapore, but those you see here were sourced from online websites!

As for the birthday cake, I was totally blown away. It looks GREAT, period.

Done to perfection by Fantasy Cookies, it looks so good that I wouldn’t have the heart to cut and eat the cake if it were mine! The “pen” marks around the cake and on the hat makes it look so much like a 2D drawing come to life.

Have you thought of any theme for your child’s birthday party? Share your experiences with us! 🙂

Birthday cake | Fantasy Cookies
Cupcake and cake pops | Cheri
Balloon bouquet | Party City

Dr Seuss theme birthday party
Dr Seuss theme birthday party celebration with a Dr Seuss cake, cake pops, cupcakes and banner!
Dr Seuss theme birthday cake
Gorgeous Dr Seuss theme birthday cake by Fantasy Cookies. Note the details in the kites and the number “1”. Even the ribbon for the name at the bottom looks awesome!
1st birthday balloon banquet
Huge 1st birthday balloon bouquet from Party City.
Birthday boy looking into the cup
Candid moment of birthday boy Elias peering curiously into the drinking cup.
Grandma carrying birthday boy
Grandma carrying Elias wearing cute rabbit ears.
Birthday boy staring into space
Babies tend to go off into blank stares like this from time to time. I find it to be good photo opportunities it’s as though you get a momentary glimpse into their souls and personalities.
Birthday boy reaching for a hanging party accessory
Elias in a Little Tikes tricycle
Birthday baby boy Elias riding on his sparkling new Little Tikes tricycle.
Birthday boy riding on the shoulders of a guest
Laughing and having fun riding on the shoulders of a party guest.
Birthday boy laughing
Elias breaking into his signature laughter. He is simply a joy to photograph!
Grandma feeding Elias
Enjoying quality and quiet feeding time with grandma.
Birthday boy having shoes put on
Looking like a little boss here while having his shoes put on.
Elias smiling at his selfie
Smiling cheekily when he saw his selfie on the phone screen.
Elias receiving red packets on his birthday
Not knowing what to expect when receiving red packets from party guests.

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