Portraits and Lifestyle Session of Yu Xuan at the Singapore Zoo | Singapore Birthday Party and Children Photographer

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We had a great time photographing Yu Xuan at the Singapore Zoo! We have covered Yu Xuan’s birthday party celebrations in the past so it was not our first session with her. It was supposed to be Yu Xuan’s birthday but instead of putting up a party, Yu Xuan’s mummy decided to do something different and organise a family outing at the Singapore Zoo! Another intention was to allow the kids to learn more about our natural environment and animals up close. Letting the kids do what they do best, ie letting them interact naturally with their environment, is the best way to guarantee lots of photo opportunities. There is nothing more genuine than that! Here are some of my favourites from our session.

Venue | Singapore Zoo
Photography | Truphotos


Close up of Yu Xuan's arm hugging daddy's neck
Close up of little fingers around daddy’s neck.
Candid shot of Yu Xuan playing
Yu Xuan hugging daddy
Quiet moment with Yu Xuan in daddy’s arms.
Portrait of Yu Xuan and daddy against nature background
Smiling moment of Aden sitting on the zoo tram
Great candid moment of Aden giggling while sitting on the zoo tram.
Candid posed shot of Yu Xuan and Aden against a colourful wall
Another great unscripted moment when Yu Xuan and Aden walked up and stood in front of a colourful wall mural! 
Yu Xuan laughing and having fun on the water slide
Yu Xuan totally enjoying herself on the water slide!
Yu Xuan having fun with her cousin at the water playground at the zoo
Xu Xuan reaching out for the water spurt at the fountain
Reaching out to touch the water fountain while looking fearful at the same time.

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