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Here’s another cute and fun jungle theme party! If you haven’t noticed, safari and animal themes seem to be all the rage recently!

It’s not easy to come up with different elements that complement well with one another, and I must say that it’s working great here!

Jungle theme dessert table and cake
Overall look of jungle theme dessert table and decor with accompanying stickers and balloons.

The cute tree stickers on the wall go with the real twigs and leaves on the table. Even the table sheet was very well thought out!

I can’t help but feel drawn to the woody and slightly rustic feel of the overall look (as always). Such textures and elements ALWAYS turn out well in photos.

Jungle theme dessert table and cake

The dessert table is practically overflowing with sumptuous-looking pastries!

Heard of “hedgehog” cream puffs and “moss” cupcakes? If you haven’t, continue scrolling down.

And check out the “tree stump” swiss rolls too.

In case you’re wondering, the dessert table and cake were done by the talented eatliaomeimei!

And I was surprised to see casuarina cones, which transported me back to my primary school days where the school field was always littered with them!

Now who wants to go pick some forest berries? Excluding bumping into grizzly bears of course (which I really did in one of my travels but that’s another story altogether!)

Dessert table, birthday cake | eatliaomeimei

Decor | eatliaomeimei and The Bitter Stickgirl

Jungle theme two-tier cake

Yummy looking two-tier birthday cake in salted caramel and tiramisu flavours.

Jungle theme two-tier cake

Decorated with greens and toy animals at the upper tier for that wild jungle feel.

Jungle theme two-tier cake

Toy grizzly bear beside the lower tier.

Hedgehog-shaped chocolate cream puffs
Cute little chocolate cream puffs delicately shaped into hedgehogs. Ingenious idea to use the chocolate bits as the spines!
Tiny cups of forest berries
Tiny cups stuffed with healthy blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.
Chocolate and ondeh ondeh cupcakes
Little chocolate and ondeh ondeh cupcakes shaped into mushrooms and moss. I would really like to know how the moss is made!
Chocolate swiss rolls shaped into tree stumps
Chocolate coated swiss roll cake shaped into tree stumps.
Colourful biscuits with names of the birthday twins
Freshly baked biscuits in vibrant jungle colours and finished off with names of the birthday twins.
Jungle theme two-tier cake

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