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Birthday baby reaching out for balloon at first birthday party | Singapore children birthday party, baby shower photography by Truphotos

birthday parties are awesome! so are baby showers. 

Truphotos specialises in children birthday parties photography and baby shower celebrations coverage in Singapore. We provide photography documentation for life's most precious moments.

We find great joy and satisfaction in candid moments of babies and children. This can range from quiet moments of them feeding, to intimate interactions with their parents, and raw displays of emotion and expressions.

Not your ordinary Singapore professional photographer, every individual children birthday party photography session or baby shower celebration is treated with care. We bring a meaningful touch to the occasion and pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best experience they are looking for.

With our unique style and approach, we believe in capturing authentic emotions and unnoticed quiet, fleeting moments in a clean journalistic (or documentary) style, with end results that speak of the unique personality and character of every individual child.

our goal

Our aspiration is to capture timeless photographs that get increasingly valuable with time. We believe photos are keys to unlocking drawers containing our once misplaced and forgotten memories. Through photos, we relive sentimental moments we hold close to our hearts.

our products

And when images are printed into art pieces and have found a place in your home among the decor, they gradually become an indispensable part of your life. An investment so worthwhile as every recall of feelings of bliss and love will be proof of a yearning for the nostalgic past. Printed photographic art truly serves as a tangible extension of our memories, especially when time passes by so quickly as little ones grow, change and develop.


If you share our vision and are looking for the best birthday party photography experience, we would love to work with you. Drop us a message and let us know what you have in store!

Collaborations with vendors, bakeries, and venues are welcome!