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Birthday baby reaching out for balloon at first birthday party | Singapore children birthday party, baby shower photography by Truphotos

allowing children to be who they really are

"seeing the perfect in imperfections"

Every childhood is worthy to be photographed.

We work together with parents to record their toddler's childhood through photos filled with emotion, expression and love. You want to remember how he looked and felt like the day he celebrated one of his biggest milestones - his first birthday party or her first baby shower.

Time seems to pass quicker and quicker with every month and especially a child's first few years. More than likely, you cannot recall what he wore, how she giggled, how chaotic it was, or the guests who came to the party. So many fleeting sentimental moments were missed because you were too busy to notice. We all want something tangible and reassuring to hold onto, such as timeless photographs of the most meaningful times of your child's life.

"genuine, authentic, and natural photos"

If you are looking to document your child’s milestones with the best photography experience, I would love to work together. 

I am Weizhong, and I provide photography for children’s birthdays and baby shower celebrations. My purpose is to capture candid and authentic moments of kids that every parent cherishes.

I have been working together with parents, especially busy moms, who prefer to avoid the cookie-cutter, “perfect” looking type of photos for something that is genuine, authentic, natural and portrays what parenthood actually is like.

Having photographed many celebrations in every venue imaginable, rest assured that you don't need to throw an extravagant party in order to get great photos. Over here, we embrace the perfect in imperfections. More often, it's the everyday habits and "normal" stuff that will yield the most meaningful images because they will mean the most to you.

"misbehaving kids? we love them!"

And, don't worry about your kids misbehaving. We love naughty kids. They are the most fun to photograph, and provide the most genuine, happy, fun expressions that every parent will love. This will produce photos so unique as kids are depicted in exactly the way they are supposed to. There isn't a doubt such pictures will be treasured by parents and will be a joy to look back at years down the road.

"it all started with an aged, printed photo of my grandparents"

For myself, I didn't realise the importance of photos during my younger days. Looking back, my regret is not having much photos of my doting grandparents, who played pivotal roles during my growing up days. Discovering an old photo of them long after they were gone inspired me to become an advocate of using photography as a means to document life and everyday moments of our loved ones, no matter how mundane those moments may at first appear to be. 

Birthday girl enjoying chocolate cupcake with messy hands and mouth.

"digital files do not last. print. it's worth it."

And I strongly encourage you to create a printed album your favourite photos or let us do the work for you. Digital files are non-archival due to rapid technological changes and changing file formats. I was on the receiving end of a few hard disk crashes, losing precious, precious data. For a start, albums are best for showcasing an entire photoshoot session, just like a picture novel of your family story. Prints can last 100 years or more. Print it. It's worth it.  

Check out the blog for some previous photoshoot sessions. Visit our social media on Instagram and Facebook. Drop us a note on the contact page to see how we can work together for an upcoming milestone of your child. Or, if you love travelling as much as I do, take a peek at my travel work.

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