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Truphotos offers professional photography in Singapore covering children birthday parties and baby shower celebrations with a unique style and approach.

Apart from providing our clients with the best experience they are looking for, Weizhong's primary goal is to deliver nostalgic and beautiful photographs documenting life's most precious moments, photos that are more than just casual encounters. Don't you think that it's amazing a single photograph can evoke specific events and emotions so clearly, like a smell can remind you of a childhood memory?

These candid and authentic photographs document intimate moments of your life in a way that becomes part of your personal history. A history which you can return to again and again for generations to come.

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singapore children birthday party photography

Truphotos provides the best professional photography coverage for kids birthday parties, baby showers and other special occasions in Singapore. We bring a meaningful touch to every occasion and pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best experience they are looking for.


We are not your ordinary Singapore professional photographer. With our unique style and approach, we believe in capturing authentic emotions and unscripted moments in a carefully crafted and clean journalistic (or documentary) style. And we love to photograph them in beautiful natural light. Sometimes, all children need is space and time to show their real sides. There is nothing more genuine than allowing kids do what they do best, and that is exploring the world around them! Many times, the best images are made while allowing natural moments to happen and capturing them quietly from a distance. Images ranging from natural smiling ones to deep, soulful expressions are some of our favourite moments. These captures brims with the unique personality and character of each individual child and will be treasured for years and generations to come. 


The first few years go by incredibly fast. Every birthday party represents a big step forward that is worth documenting. Each passing year signifies great changes and development. And clients commission Weizhong for documenting each stage to make sure those precious moments stay with them always. Clients who choose Truphotos are looking for photography that is timeless yet captures the essence of those personal moments in their lives. We also serve the expatriate population who wish to record chapters of their memorable life stages in Singapore. 


Printing these timeless pictures into wall canvas or crafting them into premium albums to share with friends and family bring another dimension to their purpose. Printed photographic art is the best investment anyone can make to ensure the most nostalgic and touching memories live with us. If you value good photography and are looking for the best photographer for your child, be sure to consider Truphotos for your birthday parties and special occasions in Singapore.


If you share our vision, we would love to work with you! Contact us for more details.