Stunning Cars Theme Birthday Party Dessert Table by One and Only Gallery | Singapore Children & Birthday Party Photography

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Behold this awesome cars theme dessert table! The entire setup and yummy goodies were prepared by Ailee from One and Only Gallery specially for Anson’s first birthday party!

For a kid who is into cars, nothing could be more perfect than having a gorgeous layout of cupcakes, candies and cookies in matching red and yellow theme colours. What’s more, apart from the background banner, even the mineral water bottles and candy wrappers were custom made. Everything looked so good that the guests couldn’t bring themselves to start eating!

The venue this time was at Cafe Melba in Mediapolis, Mediacorp’s new home ground. Cafe Melba has a modern and relaxing atmosphere boasting of a concept that fuses influences from both (Melb)ourne and (A)sia. That’s also where its name was derived from!


Check out Ailee’s gorgeous creations below.

Venue | Cafe Melba
Dessert Table | One and Only Gallery
Cake | La’Bonnie Pattisserie

Cupcakes and cake pops | Crissa’s Cake Corner
Photography | Truphotos


Sports Car Theme Birthday Party Dessert Table by One and Only Gallery
Overall view of the sports car theme dessert table by One and Only Gallery
Sports Car Theme Birthday Cake
Custom made cars theme birthday cake by La’Bonnie Pattisserie
Sports Car Theme Birthday Cake
Cute yellow cupcakes to match the overall theme
Cute yellow cupcakes by Crissa’s Cake Corner to match the overall theme
Assortment of candies with matching coordinating colours
Black and red sugar cake pops by Crissa’s Cake Corner!
Cute red and yellow macarons with customised cupcake toppers
Cute red and yellow macarons with customised cupcake toppers
Yummy mini ream puffs with customised cupcake toppers
Custom shaped butter cookies with matching colours
There were even custom shaped butter cookies with matching colours

Portraits and Lifestyle Session of Yu Xuan at the Singapore Zoo | Singapore Birthday Party and Children Photographer

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We had a great time photographing Yu Xuan at the Singapore Zoo! We have covered Yu Xuan’s birthday party celebrations in the past so it was not our first session with her. It was supposed to be Yu Xuan’s birthday but instead of putting up a party, Yu Xuan’s mummy decided to do something different and organise a family outing at the Singapore Zoo! Another intention was to allow the kids to learn more about our natural environment and animals up close. Letting the kids do what they do best, ie letting them interact naturally with their environment, is the best way to guarantee lots of photo opportunities. There is nothing more genuine than that! Here are some of my favourites from our session.

By the way, there’s an interesting article about how zoos carry out mental exercises with their animals, and how any dog owner can achieve a happy and healthy relationship with his/her dog using the same techniques! Not every exercise will suit perfectly so be sure to choose those that you can adapt and use! 🙂

Venue | Singapore Zoo
Photography | Truphotos


Close up of Yu Xuan's arm hugging daddy's neck
Close up of little fingers around daddy’s neck.
Candid shot of Yu Xuan playing
Yu Xuan hugging daddy
Quiet moment with Yu Xuan in daddy’s arms.
Portrait of Yu Xuan and daddy against nature background
Smiling moment of Aden sitting on the zoo tram
Great candid moment of Aden giggling while sitting on the zoo tram.
Candid posed shot of Yu Xuan and Aden against a colourful wall
Another great unscripted moment when Yu Xuan and Aden walked up and stood in front of a colourful wall mural! 
Yu Xuan laughing and having fun on the water slide
Yu Xuan totally enjoying herself on the water slide!
Yu Xuan having fun with her cousin at the water playground at the zoo
Xu Xuan reaching out for the water spurt at the fountain
Reaching out to touch the water fountain while looking fearful at the same time.

Where to Find Pokemon Theme Birthday Party Supplies

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Pokemon has always been a popular theme in children’s birthday parties. It’s even more of a rage now with the release of the trendy game Pokemon Go. For all the mummies out there looking for inspiration, here is a quick video on where to source for birthday party supplies for a Pokemon theme birthday party in Singapore!


Head over to this post for our resources list, including some awesome Do-It-Yourself options!

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1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng | Singapore Birthday Party and Children Photographer

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We thoroughly enjoyed this birthday party celebration of Yu Cheng, who is the 2nd bundle of joy to this client. He was so cute and chubby that the guests couldn’t take their hands off him!

Similar to many other clients, this was not the first time I have met this family. The first time was at Yu Cheng’s elder brother, Yu Kang’s first birthday party. That was a couple of years ago. Naturally, I was delighted to be given the task of documenting Yu Cheng’s joyous occasion as well.

Such authentic moments will become more and more valuable with time. Kids grow at such an alarming rate that we tend to overlook so many moments without realising it. Fortunately, we can still return to specific points in the past through photographs. In a way, they are windows, or drawers, to fragments of our memories tucked away in some corner within us. That was what I learnt after going through some life events 🙂

Having said that, enjoy these cute candid moments of the birthday boy!

Balloon sculpting | Tommy K
Bouncy castle | Singapore Toy Club
Photography | Truphotos

Beautiful balloon sculpting done by Tommy K.

Amazing and colourful balloon sculpting by Tommy K!

Nice portrait of Yu Cheng and parents
Reflection of Yu Cheng on glass table
Yu Kang, brother of Yu Cheng, having fun on the bouncy castle
Yu Kang, brother of Yu Cheng, having fun on the bouncy castle.
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
Love the glance at the camera while guests were fussing all over Yu Cheng.
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
Love the candid moment of guests interacting with each other!
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
Enjoyed capturing this moment of this totally camera-shy boy having a conversation with his mother.
Yu Cheng looking at camera
Party guests relaxing and talking to one another
Birthday party cake with soft pastel colours
Gorgeous birthday cake with soft pastel colours!
Yu Cheng and family blowing out cake candle after birthday song
Blowing out the birthday cake candle after singing the birthday song.
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
Simple LOVE this authentic smiling moment of Yu Cheng, who seemed to be enjoying some self-entertainment playing with balloons
Kds playing on bouncy castle by Singapore Toy Club
Kids having the time of their lives on the bouncy bouncy castle provided by Singapore Toy Club
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
These girls looked so happy getting an unexpected birthday favour from the host..
1st Birthday Party of Yu Cheng
Yu Cheng, congratulations again and may you grow up healthy and strong!

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