what to expect from your session

the pre-session consultation

The pre-consultation answers ALL your questions and helps us get to know your family. Tell us your goals for having professional photos of your children taken and how you envision seeing the final result.

We work hand in hand with you by going through the flow of events for that day activities that will help us make the session smooth and rewarding experience.

Browse our birthday party gallery and recent sessions to get a good feel of what we offer.

Weizhong is very easy to work with!At the same time, during the phototaking session, he is very accommodative and not intrusive at all. You will be totally at ease while he is taking the candid shots around you.The photos that he delivered are awesome!
By Cheryl Wong
Weizhong was able to capture all the little moments during the party and I almost forgot that he’s there! He called a day before the party to ensure he understands what I need. I told him I wanted a few family shots and he reminded me about it when I was busy running around. The photos were ready faster than expected with beautiful candid shots! Love it!
Thanks so much for the lovely photos, very nice and natural shots, love it!
Will definitely highly recommend you to my friends and hope to engage you again for future parties!
By Siow Hui

during the session

Birthday boy wearing a party hat and blowing out the candles on cake at his birthday party at McDonald's.

A typical birthday celebration or baby shower takes place at a cafe, function room, or indoor playground. Some clients also hold parties in their own home for the added personal touch. 

Larger celebrations tend to involve fringe activities such as a kid's magician, balloon sculpting, face painting, educational science experiments etc.

During the party, just allow your children be who they really are and leave it to us to document their story. No posing or forced smiles required!

If cake cutting has been planned for, we'll do shots of family and friends during this time. It will be close to impossible to gather them again after this, especially if the party is held at a playhouse where the kids are free to roam about!

What our clients appreciate and value the most are the natural shots and interactions that ooze unique personalities. This, together with small yet details they may have missed.

Photos taken at birthday party celebration on computer screen, as an example of how photos are filtered and edited during post-processing.

after the session

Post-processing is an elaborate procedure that involves going through every individual photo and carrying out a basic edit which includes colour correction, adjusting exposure and contrast. For albums, we make it an effortless process by guiding you through the entire process of photo selection and design. 

For our clients, the highlight they look forward to has to be looking through what we have captured while at the same time recalling the events of the party through the pictures. Enjoy each and every capture, for these are precious moments that can never be repeated!

But that's not the end!

Actually, we have met many parents who regret not having photos taken of their kids growing up. Because their kids grow and change so quickly, many parents actually return repeatedly for subsequent birthdays so that their beautiful childhood can be recorded.

Photographs of their loved ones play such an important part in their lives because it brings them back to a time that can never be re-lived again.

one more thing!

"get in the photos for your child's sake"

Beautiful moment of mother kissing daughter lovingly. Reason why parents should appear in photos for their kid and leave the work to the photographer.

Don't fret about how you look on camera. In their eyes, parents are perfect as they are, and every child would want nothing more than see how they were loved and cherished.

Forget about fiddling with your phone or camera and stop missing out on interacting with your guests. YOU are the reason they are there!

Having a dedicated photographer you trust gives you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy the fabulous party you have worked so hard to put together. 

Custom made wooden USB flash drive used to store digital files and delivered to clients.

"digital files don't last?!"

And when you receive the digital files, I strongly encourage you to create a printed album of your favourite photos, or save the time and let us do the work for you.


Digital files are non-archival due to rapid technological changes and changing file formats! Not to mention hard disk crashes too. Just think about how many cassette tapes can no longer be played back.

I learnt the hard way, having experienced multiple hard disk crashes many years back, losing precious, precious data that's forever gone! That's when I realised I have been wrong all along.

Soft copies are convenient but they never last!

Open page of a flush mount album as example of how printed analogue photos last much longer than digital softcopy files.

"print. it's worth it."

Too many people simply keep a thumbdrive of photos in their drawer, totally forgetting about it till years later.

Photos of your loved ones on your phone or in your computer NEVER gets seen or appreciated!

That is why we strongly encourage clients to print before the data gets corrupted.

For parties and baby showers, albums are best for showcasing entire events, just like beautiful picture novels of your family story. And they last 100 years or more.

Print it. It's so worth it.  


Get in touch with us to work together for an upcoming milestone of your child. Or check out the blog to see previous photoshoot sessions. Visit our social media on Instagram and Facebook for party tips and information. If you love travelling as much as I do, take a peek at my travel work.

Professional service with fast response!
By Hui Choo
Weizhong is very professional and committed. He's the invisible but most important person at the party. Without him, we won't have all these brilliant photos as lifetime memories :)
By Letitia