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Birthday baby reaching out for balloon at first birthday party | Singapore children birthday party, baby shower photography by Truphotos

allowing children be who they really are

"authentic, nostalgic, timeless"

Every childhood is worthy to be celebrated and photographed.

Too many parents regret not having natural-looking photos of their kids growing up.

At Truphotos, we let children be who they really are, by photographing them in their environment. The result is a captivating series of photos that showcases their personalities.

Hi! I am Weizhong, and I provide photography for children birthdays and baby shower celebrations. I work together with parents to capture precious childhood memories in the most authentic and genuine way possible.

Leave it to me to capture the candid moments and genuine expressions that mean the most to you.

And being the only photographer for every session, we ensure the consistency of quality work clients get to receive every time. 

who our clients are

We work together with parents, especially super busy moms, who

  • prefer to avoid the cookie-cutter, “perfect” looking type of photos
  • wants something that screams real life, filled with natural and authentic expressions, and portrays what parenthood is really like.

Our mom clients are a group who 

  • knows exactly what they are looking for,
  • places high value on a unique experience that matches their personal vision, and
  • appreciates saving time and effort.

Read on to see how clients benefit from our photography experience!

"what an old print of my grandparents taught me"

I didn't realise the importance of photos during my younger days. Looking back, my regret is not having much photos of my doting grandparents, who played pivotal roles during my growing up days.

Discovering an old photo of them long after they were gone was a rude wake up call.

It inspired me to become an advocate of using photography as a means to document life and everyday moments of our loved ones, no matter how mundane those moments may appear to be at first. 

the truphotos experience

"as effortless as it can be"

We strive to make the entire process of booking, photo session and product delivery as EASY as possible for a seamless, speedy and effortless process.

Clients appreciate our transparent prices with no hidden fees, with details of our sessions communicated clearly. 

"no posing or fake smiles. just authenticity"

No posing required!

No stress of getting kids to smile naturally!

The magic happens when we allow kids to be who they are.

And what we do best is capture these special moments when our subjects are unaware and in their most natural state. 

"no duplicate photo exists in the world"

Because moments are captured as things unfold naturally, every photo is literally one-of-its-kind and priceless!

"seeing the perfect in imperfections"

Having photographed celebrations in every venue imaginable, rest assured you don't need to throw an extravagant party, or have everything perfect to get great photos.

Real life isn't perfect, but it's where the magic happens. And over here, we celebrate what makes your child unique in all the perfectly imperfect moments! 

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize that they were the big things.” -Kurt Vonnegut

A quirky smile. A mischievous peek. A random tantrum.

Details so trivial we wouldn't think twice. But the everyday habits and "mundane" stuff end up being the most meaningful and unique images.

These pictures infuse an exceptional personal touch to all the happenings.

Happy boys being authentically themselves and playing with one another at the birthday party.

"misbehaving kids? we love them!"

And, don't worry about your kids misbehaving. We LOVE naughty kids.


They are the most fun to photograph, and provide the most genuine, happy, fun expressions that every parent loves. These instances are the best as kids are depicted in exactly the way they are supposed to.

There isn't a doubt such pictures will be treasured by parents forever and will be a joy to look at every.single.time.

"memories fade but photos are forever"

Many of us (me included) procrastinate because we always think we can do it "next time".

Time flies, especially during a child's early years. Before we know it, they are already in their teens and the years lost are gone forever.

There isn't a more perfect time than now. Treasure every opportunity for a photo of our loved ones!

"we will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" -Dr Seuss

Every mother wants to remember how her baby looked and felt like the day he celebrated his biggest milestones - his first birthday party or her first baby shower.

But more than likely, you cannot recall what he wore, how she giggled, or even the guests who came to the party!

Too many sentimental moments were missed because we were too busy to slow down and notice.

That's why we need something tangible and reassuring to hold on to, such as timeless photographs of the most meaningful times of our child's life.

"accomplished as a parent"

Parents feel reassured that they are not missing out on important growing up moments by having their children photographed. Getting them printed professionally will also ensure treasured photos lasting for generations and not lost from any digital mishaps such as hard disk failures.

By having their family's love story documented like a picture novel, they will have many precious memories to go back to for years to come.

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